It is a one-of-a-kind race since it represents a physical and mental challenge when entering the Sierra de Santiago N.L. The views and landscapes, throughout the entire race, are also a great attraction, so it is recommended to bring an action camera. This route is located 35 km from downtown Monterrey.
Passing through the Pasando por Puerto Gringo, Manzano, Ciénega de Gonzales , Batea, Barrial, Regresando por San Cristóbal, Los Chorros, Ciénega de González, Manzano y finalmente la meta Hotel Cola de Caballo, Santiago N,L
With scenes of forests, rivers, mountains and through the best landscapes of the Sierra de Nuevo León passing through the mountain communities of Santiago.

UltraTrail Oso Negro

Classified this year as the best and roughest race in Latin America!

COST $2300 MXP