Black Bear Ultra Trail 100K

$ 2500

It is a one-of-a-kind race as it represents a physical and mental challenge when entering the Sierra of Santiago. The views and landscapes, throughout the entire race, are also a great attraction, so it is recommended to bring an action camera. This route is located 35km from downtown Monterrey (MTY).

The competition begins in the town of Santiago Pueblo Magico, Nuevo León on sidewalks, few paved roads (only 7kms) and dirt roads with little vehicular traffic. From the starting point we take the Barrial route, ascending to La Chancaca then descending to San Cristobal from there we hike to El Manzano through gaps and sidewalks, reaching the CP, we begin another intense ascent meters to the place known as La Cienega to continue advancing through Sierra Mauricios, descent to the "middle pass"

With scenes of forests, rivers, mountains and the best landscapes of the Sierra de Nuevo León passing through the mountain communities of Santiago, San Cristobal and Cienega de Gonzalez.

Ultra Trail Oso Negro

This race is demanding and requires physical and mental preparation and training. Classified this year as the best and roughest race in Latin America!

DoCOST $2500 MXP

Western States


  • Libre de 15 a 39 años
  • Master de 40 a 49 años
  • Veteranos de 50 años en adelante
  • Libre de 15 a 39 años
  • Master de 40 a 49 años
  • Veteranos de 50 años en adelante
  • Number Pickup

    The race number will be given on January 24th, 2025 in Hotel Las Palomas en Santiago  N.L from 12 PM  thru 10 PM . You must show identification to pick up the number. Failure to collect the race number, all rights to claim then lost. Only the runner can colllect his number


    There will be 10 control points fot the 100k. They will be distributed along the entire route in 11 km each. In some of these points we'll water and fruit (oranges and bananas, etc). Camelbak and plastic glass are recommended to constantly rehydrated, some control points with hot food

    Mandatory Gear

  • Runner personal backpack with water, food and energy bars
  • LED headlamp with extra batteries
  • Whistle
  • Water container
  • Windbreaker
  • Emergency blanket
  • Lighter / matches
  • Knife
  • Compact First Aid Kit
  • Map in watch or smartphone
  • USB extra battery
  • Bastones y guantes recomendados
  • Atributo 12

    Hotel Las Palomas   Santiago N.L

    Route Map

    Los mapas y cortes aparecerán en tu inscripción 

    Service Information


  • QUOTE: $2500
  • Zone: Santiago, Cienega, La Chancaca Santiago, Nuevo Leon, MEXICO
  • Age: 18
  • Time to finish: 24 hr
  • Activities Period: 1 day
  • Nights: 1
  • Distance: 100 kms
  • Race Challenges

  • Maximum time: 24 hours
  • Capacity: 200 runners
  • Real distance: 97.30km / 6040m+
  • Food and drink stations: 9
  • Salida de Meta 5:00 Am
  • Rules

              CAMBIOS DE FOLIO 





    Finish line medal and goal certificate for participants that gets in time limit.
    Trophy for the first 3 places in each category. The award ceremony will take place on the day after the event at 9am .
    14 Enero 2023 Hotel Cola de Caballo

    JUDGES: Will be appointed by the Race Committee and all decisions are final, they will be located at checkpoints and at the finish line. They will be clearly identified

    What Other Runners Experienced

    Service Tabs

    Carretera Nacional a Linares, pasando el Cercado en Santiago Nuevo Leon, tomar camino a Cola de Caballo, dirigirse unos 5 kilometros al sur, hasta llegar al Hotel. Dejar sus vehiculos en el estacionamiento, el costo es de 100 pesos por vehiculo

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